Things worth noting

This started as a list of things I wanted to note somewhere, but it evolved into a list of links I find interesting or useful.

About Git and other VCSes

Git tips

Importing a Git repo into a newly created SVN repo

That was harder than I thought it would. I tried a straightforward git svn init then merge and git svn dcommit, but it failed with Unable to determine upstream SVN information from HEAD history.. I figured it was because the SVN repo was empty, so I added a dummy commit in the SVN repo before merging. It seemed to work, but actually all Git commits that were before the dummy commit couldn’t be added in the SVN history.

Then, I tried this solution, but it changed the timestamps in my Git repo. Finally, this one seemed to do the trick when testing out, but when I deployed it for real it did not work as well.

So basically I’m not sure there’s a way. The actual Git commits are still there in another branch though.

Update: the only solution seems to be to work in a Git branch and commit to svn in another branch. Since it is cumbersome to manage, I wrote a (not so) little script to do it.

About LaTeX

About security

About OOP

About Java

About Python

About Unix tools

Useful “non-standard” Unix tools

About Vim

Vim is unfathomably awful, but looking for another editor isn’t a priority for me right now.

About Thunderbird

It's horrible, but what can I do.

Things to configure when creating a new profile (because the previous one stopped working for some reason, yes this happened enough times that I felt the need to write this down):

Extensions I no longer use (for various reasons):

About Firefox

About the Web & Web languages

About software development

About the English language